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                  Food & Beverage Online

                  首頁/Food & Beverage Online
                   21food is one bilingual website both in English and Chinese that focuses on business-to-business marketplaceonly for the food industry. 21food own the fastest growing online traffic and great search engine rank with tens
                  of thousands of members from more than 220 countries. 21Food.com’s visitors include exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and researchers from around the world. 
                    21food.com could provide E-commerce business directory for importing & exporting of global food products, especially Chinese food products. Our Services include free business matching, global trade leads, food company & product directory, trade alert, E-zine etc. Meanwhile, we provide up-to-date purchase inquiry and buyers’ database from a variety of global food exhibitions to our premium member users.
                   21food.com currently holds hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers from 220 countries as its members, and the number of members is rapidly growing. Global food professionals are visiting us every day to find their business partners. Just jointo get your free membership, then you can publish your company profile, post your products, post buying offers or selling offers, find food suppliers or buyers worldwide. Why not register as a free member now. Meanwhile More qualified services are available to paid membership- Premium Membership.

                  Food Online??http://www.21food.com